Just the Space You're Looking For

We have a variety of spaces available here at First Congregational Church, varying from large, open banquet halls to cozy, small group settings. One of our spaces is perfect for your next event – whether it’s a wedding reception, a family reunion, or a book club meeting!

Absolutely no nut products are allowed in our rental spaces!

After viewing our available spaces below, please fill out our rental inquiry form:

Frequently Asked Questions

The website says the halls can seat 55 people (Huntington Hall) and 80 people (Great Hall). If we don't have personal space issues, can we squeeze some more in there?

Nope. We’ve tried, and trust us, it doesn’t work. Due to table sizes, and the need for buffet tables and walk space, we’ve got the floor plan down to a science, and the maximum capacity listed really is at the max.  Keep that in mind when considering us for your venue – we’d love to have you rent with us, but we’d love even more for you and your guests to be comfortable, even if that means your event is held elsewhere!

Do you allow alcohol on the premises?

The best answer is yes, we do allow alcohol, under strict guidelines and the approval of the Board of Trustees.

If the the Renter is having a cash bar, they must hire an approved licensed Bar Service or Caterer who has what is called a “Caterer’s License”.  This is an annual, all alcoholic beverages licensed issued by the ABCC (Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission) and is different from any food related license a caterer might have.

If the Renter is serving alcohol, but not selling alcohol, they must obtain a “Special  License”, often referred to as a “1-day Liquor License” from the Milton Board of Selectmen.  (please note it takes at least 60 days to obtain a the 1-day Liquor License.

In either case, a copy of such License must be provided to the Church office at least ten days prior to the Event and the Renter must pay an additional Security Deposit due ten days prior to the Event.

We know this sounds excessive, but it has become necessary.

The Sanctuary is beautiful and we would love to have our wedding here...but can I use my own pastor/reverend/justice of the peace?

Ordinarily, our minister conducts all weddings that are held in our Sanctuary. However, he would be happy to talk with you about including others in leading the service.

Can I use my own organist/pianist?

We have an amazing musician who is contracted through the Church. Our Music Director, Dr. Larson, is guaranteed a fee for every ceremony held in our Sanctuary, so we encourage you to contact him for help in planning your day! Dr. Larson is extremely professional and makes every effort to be available for your ceremony. If he is unavailable, the fee is waived and you are welcome to invite someone else to perform for your ceremony (all requests to use musical equipment owned by the church must first be approved by the Music Director). You do have the option to invite someone else to perform for your ceremony (again, with approval from the Music Director), but the guaranteed fee would still be in effect.

So our event runs until 11 pm, we can stay later to clean up, right?

Negative! This has been the biggest problem we’ve encountered. We are in a residential area and out of respect for our neighbors, all events must be completed and packed up BY 11 pm. This means renters should be walking out the door with all of their supplies at 10:59 pm so that our sexton can do a quick clean up and break down of tables/chairs. PLEASE plan your party accordingly — keeping in mind that clean up can take up to an hour, depending on the size of your party and how helpful your guests are at the end of the night. If you are concerned your event won’t be long enough, plan to start an hour early. Because seriously, this is our biggest pet peeve.

Available Spaces

Available Equipment


  • 8 large round tables (6′) (plastic)
  • 2 small round tables (5′) (plastic)
  • 1 round wooden table (4’8″) (wood)
  • 9 large rectangular table (7’5″ x 2’5″) (plastic)
  • 1 small rectangular table (5’8″ x 2’5″) (plastic & wood)


  • 94 upholstered chairs (maximum capacity seating would require outside chair rental)
  • 60 cushioned chairs with arms


  • Podium
  • Professional Piano (electric)
  • Tripod Easel


  • Linens (tableclothes, chair covers, napkins, etc.)
  • Tableware (China, glassware, silverware, etc.)
  • Cooking pots, pans, utensils
  • Serving dishes
  • Extension cords
  • Additional tables and chairs