Our Kids

By November 3, 2017 Uncategorized

Last evening I attended a meeting of the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition for a conversation about teenage drug and alcohol abuse in our town. Among the presenters were four High School students. They were there to offer their candid assessment and to help us older adults better understand the world of our town’s youth. Two of the four were youth from our church: Arielle Solomon and Alyssa Foster.

Throughout the evening our youth spoke eloquently about the stress and depression so many of their peers face. I was really impressed with these young women who are offering leadership not just among their peers, but to this whole community.

When someone asked what the community could do practically, the first thing our youth lifted up was our church and our youth programs. They talked about what a difference the support and love of this community made to them, and they lifted up our emerging programs as a model of the sort of resources this community most needs.

I share this with you so that you can join me in witnessing the kind of impact that our ministry here has on the world beyond our walls. These kind of stories are certainly an occasion for celebration. But these kind of stories also offer inspiration. They inspire us to dig deeper, work harder, love bigger, and grow together so that we can continue to offer this community an ever-bolder hope.

I am grateful for this church, for all it is, and for all it can be.