God is Still Speaking: Imagine, Create, Unite


“God is still speaking.” That is one of the slogans of our denomination, the United Church of Christ. Unfortunately, throughout Christian history, the Church hasn’t tapped into our full imagination about all the ways God might be speaking, thinking God’s voice is limited to things like worship, Bible study, and Scripture. Even worse, too often the Christian Church has assumed God’s voice only comes to us through certain messengers, often dismissing or even condemning the very people God might have called. When the UCC launched the “God is Still Speaking” campaign, the hope was to help us expand our understanding of all the ways God might be speaking to us. We are invited to use our imaginations and creativity, to focus on uniting with those who are different and listening to what they have to say, trusting that God’s voice transcends any box humans might try to contain it in.


This Summer, our two churches will together imagine the different ways God is still speaking to us. Each week, we’ll hear a testimony from someone in our two churches about how they experience God’s presence. We’ll hear stories from Scripture about how God often used surprising and unlikely people. And we’ll be challenged through sermons and music to imagine all the ways God is still speaking to us and to find new and creative ways to share that message with others. We hope you will join us for a meaningful, exciting, and fun summer as together we listen for all the ways God is still speaking to us.


June 23 – God Speaks in the Best of Times and the Worst of Times

June 30 – God Speaks Good News to (and through) People who Never Set Foot in our Buildings with a special focus on Queer Pride

July 7 – God Speaks When All People Are Accepted for Who They Are

July 14 –  God Speaks When We Are Honest About Ourselves Without Shame

July 21 – God Speaks When We Create Community Where God Feels Real

July 28 – God Speaks When We Create Space Where Everyone Can Be Themselves

August 4 – God Speaks When Fear Is Transformed Into Love

August 11– God Speaks When We Imagine Doing Greater Work Than Jesus

August 18 – God Speaks When We Create Heaven on Earth

August 25 – God Is Still Speaking