Cultivate – Combined Summer Worship with East Congregational Church

“A farmer went out to sow.” One of Jesus’ most well-known parables begins with these words that foreshadow the work of planting, cultivating, and receiving a harvest. The imagery of gardens, seeds, planting, and harvesting run throughout our Scripture both as the Biblical writers encouraged their communities to lean into our call to care for the Earth but also because they knew we humans have a lot to learn about faith and life from all of creation. This Summer, First Congregational and East Congregational Church will worship together as we ponder anew what these images and creatures from nature have to teach us today. Through reflections, art, sermons, and elements from the world around us, we’ll explore our call to care for the Earth and everything in it. We’ll reflect on what we can learn about faith and life from things like soil, water, bugs, and the rest of nature. Join us in July at First Congregational and August at East Church as we strive to cultivate our faith that calls us to care for one another and all of creation.


Take a look at our weekly themes:

July 2 at First Congregational  — The Table

July 9 at First Congregational – Soil

July 16 at First Congregational – Seed

July 23 at First Congregational – Rocks and Weeds

July 30 at First Congregational – Roots

August 6 at East Congregational – Fruit

August 13 at East Congregational – Bugs and Worms

August 20 at East Congregational – Water

August 27 at East Congregational – Bird’s Eye View