In Youth Group, we focus on having fun, growing friendships, and spiritual formation. The best way to get involved in the youth group is to fill out this form to sign up for the email list and GroupMe thread.

We meet Sunday at 7  p.m. in the Youth Room at the church. During the summer, instead of weekly meetings, we have several special youth events and service opportunities. Check our calendar for details.


About Our Programs

Middle School Youth Group

Our older, elementary school children are already starting to peek into the youth room to see what lies ahead. Middle school youth group is their introduction to the community that will support them through their graduation from high school and beyond. This program is for students in grades 7 and 8.

Our youth develop trust with one another and build community. They take time to share what is going on in their lives, and they reflect together about how they see God as a part of their lives. They learn how to rely on the church as a place to explore their questions.

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In 9th Grade, our youth begin confirmation class and join our high school youth group. Confirmation celebrates the moment when our youth make a first-hand claim to the faith that they received second-hand as children. It marks their transition into full adult membership of our congregation, and it provides us as a church the opportunity to confirm, again, the promises of unconditional care and love we made to them in baptism.

This celebration also comes at a stage in life when big questions loom large and everything seems up for grabs. We are not asking our youth to proclaim once and for all their sure and certain faith, rather we are inviting them to step forward and take responsibility for their own journey of faith, to promise to always seek God, and to discern their own call to Christian discipleship.

Thus, our confirmation class is designed to pass along trusted Christian practices, the habits that have sustained faithful people for generations. As our youth take this next step in their lifelong journey of faith, we trust that these cornerstone practices will serve them well along the way.

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High School Youth

Building on all the practices developed in middle school and confirmation, our high school youth group provides a place of support and nurture for our community of youth as they navigate all the challenges and triumphs of their high school years.

We seek to create an accepting, restful, engaging, and fun atmosphere for our youth to draw from the gifts of their faith and from each other’s wisdom in order to explore their thoughts and feelings about all that matters most to them. Together, we practice being a Christian community. The experience is profound and transformative.

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