At our Visioning retreat, our congregation enthusiastically and unanimously approved the following Mission Statement and priorities:

FCC of Milton is an open Christian community for all to belong, grow, and engage the world in acts of service and justice.

Our priorities:

  1. Belong. As a community of faith, we will provide opportunities for fun, for relationship building, and for spiritual and intergenerational connections that cultivate diversity and value all people for who they are.
  2. Grow. We will provide a nurturing environment where all people can pursue personal growth and deepen their faith and spirituality, wherever they are on life’s journey.
  3. Engage. We will provide and communicate ways to connect our members and participants with opportunities to engage in acts of community service, stewardship of the earth, and social justice in collaboration with other churches and organizations.


This mission and these priorities are the result of strong participation from members of our church in our listening sessions, community conversations, survey, and retreat. You can read detailed reports of each Phase by clicking on the links below.

Phase One – Listening Sessions

Phase Two – Community Outreach

Phase Three – Action Plan