At the 2022 annual meeting, FCC of Milton unanimously voted to enter into a strategic planning process contracting consultants Paul Nickerson and Stacy Swain as guides.

Through this process, we are discerning who God is calling us to be in light of all that has changed in our world and in our own community. This process has three phases:

Phase One (March-April) – Listening Sessions

Phase Two (May-August) – Community Outreach

Phase Three (September-December) – Action Plan

Throughout this process, we work on developing a one-sentence purpose statement that remains in draft form until approved by the congregation. Currently, our purpose statement draft is:

FCC of Milton is an open Christian community for all to belong, grow, and engage the world in acts of service and justice.

For this process to be successful, we need strong participation from members of our congregation. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact R.G.

Strategic Planning Events